The new North Industrial Siding

The project will see an investment of around 70 million euros by 2025. Four round train journeys a day are expected, which equates to about 90 incoming and outgoing wagons per day of service.

Until the North Industrial Siding goes into operation, the main rail connection to the site will still be via the Southern Railway. This major connection to the Koralm Railway will be established at the end of 2025. With the Koralm Railway set for completion, followed by the Semmering Tunnel in 2030, Austria is making a major contribution to expansion of the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor. At the same time, this will significantly widen the operating radius of the Graz-South Terminal.

The new transshipment facilities of the North Industrial Siding will play a crucial role in handling the increased volume of freight anticipated and meeting the goals set by the 2030 Mobility Master Plan.

The road connection is via the motorway junctions at Wundschuh and Kalsdorf.

Approx. 720 crane moves per day

Around 720 crane moves are performed every day, with cranes being partially automated. This means that over-track and over-road crane moves are performed manually for reasons of safety, while all storage operations are fully automated.

This ensures that storage during off-peak times and during the night is performed in such a way as to optimize turnover and thus make loading and unloading operations significantly shorter.

The new crane-operated container facility will have its own infiltration system and will thus help mitigate the increasing effects of soil sealing.

Step by step to completion

The North Industrial Siding will be built in three stages:

Stage 1: In the first stage of construction, beginning in December 2022, the existing empty container storage area will be extended to the north and will go into operation in mid-2023.

Stage 2: By summer 2024, the southern half of the terminal module will be hard-surfaced and the first crane will be set up. The driving lanes will also be created. Handling of full containers in the southern crane area will begin.

Stage 3: By the end of 2024, the north terminal module will be hard-surfaced and the second crane will be set up. The four tracks and the transfer point for empty containers will also be constructed. The transfer platform between the empty container depot and the crane warehouse is required in order to ensure efficient recirculation of empty containers.

Facts and figures

North Industrial Siding

On a site measuring around 10 hectares, the new-build transshipment centre will be able to handle empty and full containers with a maximum total storage capacity of 10,000 TEU*.
(*Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit)

5,300 TEU Full container storage area
2,900 TEU Empty container storage area
1,850 TEU Hazardous goods storage area
Fumigation and ventilation container
Refrigerated / heated container


Four loading tracks with an approx. length of 650 m are being built.


2 track-mounted gantry cranes
Crane track length approx. 650 m
Lifting height approx. 18.5 m
Safe working load max. 45 tonnes
Semi-automated and fully automated handling

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