The Werndorf Freight Terminal project: The facts

Who is GWP and what does it do?

Güterterminal Werndorf Projekt GmbH (GWP) has been contracted to build and finance the North Industrial Siding (Anschlussbahn Nord). It is owned 50% by the Provincial Government of Styria and 50% by Cargo Center Graz (CCG). The Steiermärkische Landesbahnen operate the terminal.

Preparation and subsequent delivery of the Koralm Railway project has given significant momentum to the development of the Styrian rail infrastructure. Just before the beginning of the new millennium, planning of the Koralm Railway was in full swing.

As a logical consequence of this development and in order to effectively link major transport routes and thus markets to Styria as a business location, construction of the Werndorf terminal also began in 1999.

Cargo Center Graz since 26 June 2003

Opening on 26 June 2003, Cargo Center Graz established an important hub connecting long-haul rail freight transport and road freight transport so as to distribute goods in the central Styrian region efficiently and in an environmentally sound manner.

In the battle against climate change, expansion of the rail network also offers tremendous potential with regard to achieving climate goals. Above all when the Koralm Railway and the Semmering Tunnel go into service in 2025 and 2030 respectively, freight transport will rapidly shift from road to rail.

Since the terminal came into operation, the transshipment centre has established itself as an economic driver for the region, even growing to become the biggest warehousing facility in Austria.

For the first time in 2015, Cargo Center Graz ranked among the top twenty European freight transport centres, even placing ninth in 2020.

From road to rail

Regarding unaccompanied combined transport, the 2030 Mobility Master Plan drawn up by the Federal Ministry envisages increasing the modal share of rail from currently 28 to 40 per cent by 2040. Thanks to optimised procedures and increased rail transport, the extension of the North Industrial Siding contributes significantly to achieving the climate goals set by the Master Plan. What is more, the track system of the North Industrial Siding will be electrified to the greatest possible extent, which means another major step towards reducing C02 emissions.

In addition, centralising the movement of goods at the Graz-South Terminal logistics centre serves to concentrate traffic, optimize routes and, at the same time, reduce distances to be travelled.

Besides aspects of competitiveness and reliability, construction of the North Industrial Siding is especially geared towards climate-friendliness and sustainability. On-site traffic will be converted to electric vehicles and roofs will be fitted with solar panels.

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